Shipping Methods

Your order will be in plain packaging with nothing on it to suggest where it has come from. Your goods will be packaged very securely, this may vary depending on which part of the world you reside in.

If your order is large or of wholesale size we will break it down and send two or more parcels in a staggered method to ensure the highest possibility of clearing customs. We may open some of your products and repackage them so they do not cause suspicion when clearing customs.

Delivery Times

This may vary depending on where you reside. For UK & EU deliveries please allow 48 hours after your payment has cleared. You may receive it the following day but this depends which country you reside in and how efficient your local postal services are. For the Rest of the World generally expect your goods to arrive in 3-5 days, however some countries may take approximately 7 days.

Please also allow for weekends. If you make your payment on Friday afternoon then your order will not be shipped until Monday Morning and will arrive Tuesday/Wednesday for UK and EU, and for Rest of the world your goods will normally arrive Thursday/Friday.

We are not Amazon Prime and cannot possibly get your delivery to you the same day or guarantee the following morning due to the nature of our business.

We want you to come back to us time and time again so we will endeavour to get your goods to you.

What Countries Do You Ship to?

We ship our products world wide including PO boxes and APO. It is up to YOU the customer to check you local laws and regulations on shipping our products in to your country of residence. You can talk to us to discuss our reccommendations on shipment to your country. We have an excellent success rate for delivery to UK, EU, USA, and many many more, if you are unsure of delivery success to where you live then please contact us.